Child Support And Spousal Support Attorney

Child support and spousal support can often cause heated disputes. Protect your financial interests in and out of court. Contact The Law Offices of John J. Guzman. Located in Claremont, attorney John Guzman serves clients throughout the San Gabriel Valley.

Child Support Obligations

In California, child support obligations are determined by a formula that takes into consideration custody and visitation arrangements and the income of both parents. However, child support determinations are far from simple. It takes an experienced litigator to either maximize the amount of support you receive or make sure you don't pay one penny more than what is obligated under the law.

For more than 30 years, family law attorney John Guzman has been representing clients during divorce and custody proceedings where child support is at play. He understands his clients' goals and works hard to achieve them. Sometimes your attorney needs to use discovery to subpoena documents to prove income. This is a valuable tool Mr. Guzman uses to ensure you get what the law provides.

Spousal Support, Or Alimony

Spousal support or spousal maintenance, often referred to as alimony, is a complex and often litigious part of divorce. Determining whether one spouse is entitled to support, how much and for how long requires the assistance of an experienced attorney — one who has dealt with these issues before and can generally predict court outcomes.

In mediation, The Law Offices of John J. Guzman can assist clients on both sides of the table in tough issues such as alimony. Claremont child support lawyer John Guzman is familiar with the local court systems and knows how local judges will apply the law to your situation.

In California, alimony can take various forms. Temporary alimony is paid to one spouse during divorce proceedings. Permanent alimony is support paid after the judgment and the divorce are final. The amount and length of permanent alimony payments depend on the length of the marriage, each spouse's education and work history, and many other factors. Mr. Guzman will fight for your rights.

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