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Child Custody And Visitation Attorney

Custody disputes often turn heated, fast. It is in your best interests to consult a lawyer with the experience and track record necessary to protect your rights as a parent.

Located in Claremont, The Law Offices of John J. Guzman has been representing parents throughout San Gabriel Valley for more than 30 years. Mr. Guzman is committed to you, your children and your future as a family.

Custody And Visitation In California

In California, custody is determined based on the children's best interests and can take many forms. One parent may have primary custody of the child with the other having substantial parenting time, or visitation. Parents may share custody equally, or one parent may have sole custody.

Mr. Guzman excels at the art of custody and visitation disputes. He understands what is most important to his clients — maintaining relationships and protecting their children — and develops strong legal strategies that do just that.

In California, courts require mediation before parents litigate custody issues. Mr. Guzman will work with you to prepare you for mediation discussions and ensure your rights as a parent are protected.

During litigation, a judge — who has little information about you or your children — makes the decisions. To a judge, you are not unique and your family situation is no different than anyone else. It is in your best interests to handle custody issues out of court, whenever possible. If you must have a hearing, an effective declaration is essential to educate the court on your side of the issues.

Family law attorney John Guzman always tries to resolve his clients' custody disputes out of court. Through negotiation, he is able to craft custody and visitation arrangements that take into consideration your children's individual needs. By staying out of court, Mr. Guzman keeps the decision-making power where it should be: in your hands.

Mr. Guzman is ready to go before the judge if needed to advance your claim. If negotiations break down, it is your only choice. Have an experienced attorney be your advocate.

Parenting Plans

Parenting plans lay out custody and visitation schedules, determine where children will spend holidays and how parents will share decision-making powers. Mr. Guzman will work closely with you to develop a parenting plan that protects your rights as a parent and your relationship with your child.

In addition to initial custody determinations, The Law Offices of John J. Guzman also represents parents seeking custody modifications and those who need to establish paternity before seeking custody and parenting time.

Contact Claremont Child Custody Lawyer John Guzman

If you are involved in a custody dispute it's time to call John. Call 626-339-8947 or contact the office online. Mention this website for a free half-hour consultation.

Post-Decree Modifications and Enforcement

Even after an order is made, you may find yourself in need of a modification or enforcement of that order. Our attorneys can help you pursue a modification of a custody order if you are seeking to relocate or if you are seeking a change in a child support order. We can also assist you if you are seeking to prevent a modification.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer serving individuals, families, and businesses throughout Lewisville, Bedford, Tarrant County, Denton County and the surrounding areas of Texas, please give us a call today.

Child Custody, Parenting Time, and Visitation After Divorce

   At the time of divorce, the courts will make decisions regarding custody and visitation rights of both parties. Usually these decisions will be based off where the child currently resides, who was the primary caretaker during the marriage, and generally, the best needs of the child. As your attorneys, we will present necessary evidence to accomplish your objectives in or out of court.

Unless there are extreme circumstances, the courts will generally not grant one parent sole legal and physical custody. Texas law favors joint custody, and under a standard possession order, you will still have access to your children for about a third of a year if you are not the primary custodian.

Custody battles can be one of the most stressful situations you can be in.  Let us help take the stress out of it for you.  Don't let the other parent push you around or make you think that they have control.  With clear orders drafted by an attorney, you can eliminate most arguements and confusion when it comes to your kids.  Call us today for a consultation on how to give yourself and your child a better, less stressful future.  

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